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FSI and BioGreen Solutions

Making sure your facilities are as healthy as possible is the right thing to do. It also goes a long way toward community goodwill. Flooring Services Inc. is proud to be an affiliate of BioGreen Solutions, a leader in the proactive indoor contaminant management (PICM) industry. The FSI BioGreen Solutions treatments are leading-edge methods for creating healthy facilities in three ways:

The FSI BioGreen Solutions treatments are completely safe for all environments, including:

  • Schools and child-care centers
  • Hospitals and doctors’ offices
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms and sports facilities
  • Used cars and fleet vehicles
  • Hotels and multi-unit housing
  • Indoor play areas
  • Commercial offices
  • School buses

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FSI recommends the BioGreen Solutions treatment for any facility where a healthy environment is paramount.

BioGreen Solutions from FSI leave behind no tangible residue or chemical smell. Your facilities can be open for business within hours, not days or weeks. What’s more, the treatments are completely safe for your equipment. You’ll see significant, reliable results without costly downtime.

Our proactive treatments are comprised of elements that are:

By using the professional marketing materials we’ll provide, you can send a public and powerful message that you’re taking steps to minimize hazards and promote healthier surroundings.

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“We run a large activity center for kids and we like to deliver the best experience to our customers. BioGreen Solutions has helped us expand our philosophy of maintaining a clean, fresh, safer environment. The air is now fresh and the areas that are hard to reach with traditional cleaning methods are now sanitized regularly.”

Brian Foster
Stars & Stripes Gymnastics Academy

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