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Slip Resistance

Wintertime entryways, restaurant kitchen floors, school restrooms — there’s no shortage of potentially dangerous conditions in workplaces or public spaces. But FSI can restore peace of mind with our slip-resistance treatment. This process reduces the risk of accidents as well as the potential for injury, lawsuits, and lost employee productivity.

We can add slip resistance to any mineral-based surface, including:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Glazed brick
  • Terrazzo
  • Porcelain tile
  • Marble
  • Quarry tile
  • Slate
  • Polished stone
  • Concrete

FSI slip-resistance treatments benefit a wide variety of markets:

  • Healthcare centers
  • Retail spaces
  • Commercial offices
  • Manufacturing buildings
  • Automotive dealerships
  • Sports facilities
  • Educational or municipal institutions
  • Restaurants and clubs
  • Entertainment venues

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Safety is key in areas vulnerable to slip-and-falls.

We utilize a process that increases the static coefficient of friction (SCOF) on most types of mineral flooring. It’s not a coating or seal that can wear off, but a treatment that produces a textured finish on the surface itself. No curing or drying period is required, so you won’t have to deal with down time. The surfaces treated can be used immediately after treatment. There is no discernible change in the appearance or coloration of your flooring. However, when the floor is wet, you’ll notice the difference in surer footing and improved safety.

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“We are extremely pleased with the slip-resistant process performed in both our new and used car service bays. The floors often get wet from vehicles driving in the service bays, and this had been a potential slip and fall concern. Our employees feel safer now that the floors are slip resistant, and we feel more comfortable for the safety of our customers.”

Mark A. Janowiecki, Vice President/General Manager
Vic Canever Chevrolet, Inc.