Choosing a flooring company is an important economic decision. Not just in the short term, but for the entire lifetime of your facilities

The right company will understand your unique situation, and work accordingly to make the most of your investment. Below is a list of what to look for when choosing a professional flooring company.

All FSI installers are employees, not sub-contractors. Our team is highly skilled and trained on a continual basis.
FSI researches and invests in the latest tools and equipment. We are also certified with the leading manufacturers and standards organizations in the flooring industry.
Rather than simply removing an old floor and patching the uneven surface before the new installation, FSI grinds down to a solid, sound surface before installation to avoid problems with your flooring later on.
We have numerous product manufacturer certifications, are certified by IICRC and INSTALL, and are active in USGBC, FCICA and ACT. Furthermore, FSI president Bruce Reeve is a certified LEED AP.
FSI has not only been using furniture lift system technologies since the 1980s, but we helped develop the system which has been approved by furniture manufacturers. We’re also committed to using workplace-friendly, quiet, and clean equipment to keep your facility up and running during the flooring project.

We are experts in the use of lower-VOC adhesives and chemicals, low-moisture cleaning techniques, and product recycling.

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