FSI provides a safe environment — with minimal or no down time — during demolition and surface preparation

We can remove virtually any type of flooring material. But instead of merely removing the old flooring and patching the surface below for new installation, FSI removes most remaining adhesive and gets down to a sound surface before laying new flooring. This avoids problems later on that would be costly to you and disruptive to your business.

Our demolition equipment is state-of-the-art for the best results in tough removals

It fits easily into high-rise buildings and occupied areas, and gives us a high rate of success upon first pass. Our demolition and preparation equipment use either energy-efficient battery power or conventional outlets, we remove flooring cleanly and safely. We have successfully removed flooring in occupied healthcare facilities where noise and health factors are paramount.

For surface preparation, we use grinding machines with HEPA vacuums

This process is a significant improvement over others which require massive clean-up and repair. Dust is virtually eliminated, so post-treatment housekeeping is minimal, allowing prep to take place in occupied areas. We then apply the most appropriate toppings and coatings to finish the subfloor.

FSI is qualified to do a variety of floor preparation and mitigation systems from ARDEX, MAPEI, UZIN, SCHONOX, and SIKA